Read what some of our members have to say about why they got involved with Safe Schools Alliance.

“I am a high school teacher and have seen, first hand, the damaging effect that gender ideology is having in schools. It scares me that pupils who present as trans are not given full and proper psychological evaluation before being allowed — and even encouraged — to embark upon social and medical transition. I am terrified that in their eagerness to ‘validate’ and ‘affirm’ a child’s trans identity, schools risk missing underlying issues such as abuse, trauma or other serious mental health issues… Read more

Secondary School Teacher, 27, Lancashire

“I had a new friendship group of bisexual and lesbian girls, and we loved Genderfork for celebrating the gender non conforming…we absorbed the information like a sponge. They started identifying as non binary, or as boys. We would watch ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ surgery reaction videos and YouTube channels dedicated to hiding our figure and appearing more masculine. The others in my group started taking hormones… Read more

Detransitioned female, 28, Newcastle

“I didn’t understand what the trans movement meant when I first heard of it. I thought that it aligned with what I’d been arguing for years, that we should all just be allowed to wear what we like, like what we like, and still get respect and dignity, regardless of whether we conformed to stereotypes or not. It took me a while to start seeing the bigger picture… Read more

Chair of Governors and Mother, 40, Manchester

“As a parent, paediatrician and a school governor I have a huge interest in children’s welfare and how what is taught in schools can contribute massively to this. I began to have some concerns about what was being taught in SRE back in about 2010 and how it could be sexualising children. Over  the past few years this has become increasingly concerning and the addition of gender ideology and the intensifying of gender stereotypes has become a massive issue… Read more

Parent, Paediatrician and School Governor, 48, Hampshire

“We have no long term evidence that rushing to transition children helps, and there’s mounting evidence that children are misdiagnosed and spend adulthood desperately unhappy. Girls in particular are being encouraged to bind their breasts at puberty which as we know with breast ironing can be seriously damaging. Hormones are irreversible and I think giving them to any young person whose brain isn’t fully developed is misguided to say the least… Read more

Mother, 46, West Yorkshire

“My kids were raised to question gender stereotypes and be happy with who they were. None showed any gender dysphoria at a young age but due to the powerful social contagion that the trans movement utilises to convert new foot soldiers and members — two of my children have been sucked in… Read more

Lawyer and Mother, 45, Gloucestershire