Here you will find a list of suggested initial actions and simple letter templates which can be adapted to suit your circumstances. If you receive a response from your school and would like help with sending a more detailed follow-up letter, please contact us.

  • Check whether your/your child’s school or local authority correctly refers to ‘sex’ as a protected characteristic in their Equality Policy (usually found on the school or local authority website). If not, contact them requesting that they replace all erroneous references to ‘gender’ with the correct characteristic ‘sex’.

  • Enquire what topics are being taught in Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) or Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and how they are delivered.

  • Enquire what your/your child’s school are doing to tackle sexism in secondary schools, as highlighted by the recent NEU and UK Feminista study.

  • Enquire whether your/your child’s school has received training or based policies or information from external providers in relation to Equality and Diversity, Inclusivity, Safeguarding, Gender, or RSE.

  • Request information regarding the provision of single-sex facilities within school.

  • Request information regarding the provision of single-sex facilities on residential trips.