I was always a tomboy. I identified with boys – they played more exciting games, and had much more interesting toys.  In films I wanted to be the male hero; mostly Tarzan. I used to pray that I’d wake up in the morning and be a boy. I hated being a girl. Were I that child now I would be transitioning. Just like that. Easy, isn’t it? But instead I am a very happy grandma in a long-term civil partnership.

The brain does not stop developing until the age of about twenty-five. And it is horrifying to think of today’s transitioning children realising afterwards what a brutal and irreversible mistake they made; enabled by the very people that should have been protecting them.Safe Schools Alliance UK isn’t just about maintaining girls’ rights to privacy in sex-segregated areas. It’s about ensuring appropriate resources are available for teachers to help gender-nonconforming children to understand and accept themselves. After all, if gender is a social construct, then so too are gender stereotypes.

Grandmother, 67, Oxfordshire