“My kids were raised to question gender stereotypes and be happy with who they were. None showed any gender dysphoria at a young age but due to the powerful social contagion that the trans movement utilises to convert new foot soldiers and members — two of my children have been sucked in.

My first born, a male, dropped his interests in Green politics, dropped work, surrounded himself with exclusively young trans friends, became extremely depressed, and recently started transitioning to female, encouraged by the trans community. No one dares honestly talk about this journey, the reasons, and the consequences — except me. [The] doctor refused to prescribe hormones, so the trans community stepped up and gave hormones to [my child]. My eldest knew nothing about the effects. Still doesn’t. I was appalled. My eldest hid the taking of hormones from me. I only found out when I asked directly.

My youngest – my 12 year old daughter – has cut her waist length hair all off, dressed to look like a boy, [gone] wild on Instagram (where she opened up an account and labeled herself gay and bi and using he/him pronouns). She has been looking at photos of young transmen with exposing their scarred chests, reading their stories of [transition] and getting their encouragement to do the same. TOTAL social contagion!

Lawyer and Mother, 45, Gloucestershire