I am so troubled by what children are being taught about sex and gender, and so thankful that SSA have formed to address it.

I have young daughters and am a member of a parent’s group on Facebook, where I frequently read advice between parents to tell our children that “not all girls have vulvas. Some have penises, but they are girls because they feel like girls inside.”

I am horrified that this is being taught in schools – I can’t imagine anything more sexist than saying that female is a feeling. It’s the opposite to what I want to teach my daughters – that they do not have to be, or feel, a certain way because they are girls.

And it’s confusing too. I know my 4 year old doesn’t yet understand the biological difference between the sexes, and yet there are books for her age group, being used in schools, that teach kids that being a girl or a boy is down to how they feel inside, and that they can change from one to the other.How are kids to understand what is real? Children will not know, unless we tell them, that it is not possible to actually change sex.

Mother, 41, Brighton