“We have no long term evidence that rushing to transition children helps, and there’s mounting evidence that children are misdiagnosed and spend adulthood desperately unhappy. Girls in particular are being encouraged to bind their breasts at puberty which as we know with breast ironing can be seriously damaging. Hormones are irreversible and I think giving them to any young person whose brain isn’t fully developed is misguided to say the least. You’ve probably read about the five Tavistock clinicians that have recently resigned, alarmed at the use of invasive treatment at a young age. We should all be alarmed at the medical intervention, no matter how well meaning, of undeveloped children.

Then my son declared he was trans in a text message, and the whole situation became very in your face for me. Very quickly I realised that there were no recognised organisations that either myself or my son could go to that didn’t take an affirmation approach. I have never felt so alone, and then I was told by the school that the Gillick Competency could be invoked against me and I was terrified.

He has listened to me regarding making drastic decisions at such a young age, and has declined to see a doctor, for now. He knows I am here to support him in whatever path he takes, it’s all I can do as a concerned parent, but the attitude of the school was incredibly shocking”.

Mother, 46, West Yorkshire