I am autistic, this is one of the most frightening areas of this debate. It is truly frightening how entrenched this gender ideology has become, to the point where I was told I wouldn’t be welcome at an autism adults meet up because I am a “terf”.

It is so difficult to even have a debate in the autism community. I think as autistics, we generally have a different take on societal norms anyway and obviously gendered expectations fall in to that. I can only speak for myself but I think most of us feel we don’t fit in anywhere really. I remember as a girl being more drawn to the boys because I felt I had more in common with them but at the same time not really fitting in with them. I grew up not feeling girlie or like a boy either. I am so thankful I was a teenager before the trans ideology had taken hold of the media, society and education, because I dread to think what I could have been influenced into thinking.

Wife and Mother, Merseyside