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Summer Break

Safe Schools Alliance will provide a skeleton service this summer, as main spokeswoman Tanya Carter takes a well deserved break from media and parliamentary work. Our small team of volunteers…

Evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee

On Wednesday 10th May the Women and Equalities Select Committee held an evidence session on the Government’s Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) review, and invited Safe Schools Alliance UK…

Our spokeswoman on BBC TV and Radio

We are pleased that the BBC has started to take note of the safeguarding concerns that we have been raising for years over unregulated Relationships and Sex Education, and over…


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Who we are

Safe Schools Alliance UK is a grassroots organisation which campaigns to uphold child safeguarding in schools.

SSAUK is led by a group of volunteers with diverse backgrounds including teaching, nursing and child safeguarding. We have no religious or political affiliation.

We represent parents, grandparents, teachers, governors, and health professionals from more than 30 local education authority areas in the UK. Many of our supporters are lesbian, gay or bisexual. Many are parents, carers or grandparents of LGB or trans-identifying young people. This motivates us to ensure that schools keep every child safe and are inclusive of all.

Our concerns

  • The adoption of gender identity ideology in schools and its impact on the lives of children, especially girls.
  • The use by schools of RSE materials which sexualise children and promote porn and other harmful sexual practices.

SSA UK works with schools and educators to ensure that school policies meet the safeguarding needs of all students, and that they do this whilst taking into account the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.

The physical, mental and emotional well-being of children is more important to us than anything else. To achieve this, we believe a collaborative approach with schools is essential. This is because it has the best chance of ensuring a safe and supportive environment for children.

Our Mission Statement

To empower parents, teachers and other stakeholders to hold their schools to account.

To provide clarity on the law and offer evidence-based guidance and support where conflict between protected characteristics arises.

To empower school leaders to reject RSE materials that go against child safeguarding principles.

To pressurise the Department for Education to provide adequate guidance for schools so that they can fulfil their legal obligation to ensure children receive a balanced and non-political education in all areas.

We call upon the DfE to:

  • Remove the reference to ‘gender identity’ as if it were fact from the statutory RSE guidance.
  • Remove the requirement to teach gender identity from the primary curriculum.
  • Include gender-critical thought and discuss it as part of RSE in the Secondary curriculum.

What We Do

Provide resources for parents and teachers

We provide clarity on the law and offer evidence-based guidance and support. See our popular factsheets and letter templates.

Inform decision-makers

We speak to MPs and peers who are concerned about child safeguarding. We work with government departments and teaching organisations.

Support pupils and their parents

We have supported schoolgirls who took legal action against Oxfordshire County Council and the Crown Prosecution Service over their unfair trans guidance.

Support our Work

Safe Schools Alliance UK is run by a team of volunteers. We receive no government funding and do this work in our spare time. If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of running the organisation, it would be appreciated.