This is a collection of websites which we would recommend as providing helpful information, guidance and support.

Support and Resources for Parents and Young People

Bayswater support

Bayswater Support are a group of parents in the UK and Ireland who have been brought together by their experiences of parenting children with gender dysphoria or who have declared a transgender identity.
Having looked for the best support for their children, they have found only the ‘affirmative’ approach to their new identity, backed up by affirmative environments in schools and elsewhere. They found little scope to explore the new identity as a young person’s solution to trauma or distress, as a response to the challenges of adolescence, or to understand its role within underlying mental health or developmental contexts.

4th Wave Now

A community of people who question the medicalization of gender-atypical youth. 4thWaveNow was founded in 2015 by Denise, the mother of a teenage girl who suddenly announced she was a trans man after a few weeks of total immersion in YouTube transition vlogs and other trans-oriented social media. 4thWaveNow has now expanded to feature not only Denise’s writing, but that of other parents, formerly trans-identified people, and others with professional expertise and experience with young people questioning their gender identity.

Men at Work

Men At Work C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company set up to deliver transformative training in the areas of challenging sexism, supporting healthy personal development and fostering violence-free relationships and communities. They deliver bespoke CPD for school staff in unpicking social influences on the values and beliefs of boys and young men and how some of those influences can manifest in a range of problematic behaviours.

our duty

Our Duty is a support group for parents of children who are trans-identified. They believe that their children are being harmed by those who tell them they can change sex.

Pique Resilience Project

The Pique Resilience Project are four detransitioned and desisted young women with the goal of sharing their stories and providing information on detransition, as well as support for those who may be questioning their gender or identity.

Positively Lesbian

This website is founded by 20-something lesbians who want to provide a positive lesbian-run space for young women. The website aims to provide:

  • Specific information, advice and support for lesbians in their mid teens (16+) and early twenties.
  • Ways to network and build friendship between young lesbians around the UK
  • Increased young lesbian visibility
  • Advice to parents/carers supporting lesbian daughters

The Detransition Advocacy Network

The Detransition Advocacy Network (TDAN) is a charitable, nonprofit, global effort to improve the well-being of detransitioned people everywhere.

Transgender Trend

Transgender Trend advocates for a more nuanced approach to the care and support of gender non-conforming children and young people, coordinating the UK response of families, transgender people, clinicians, teachers… [and] policy makers who are worried about the unprecedented numbers of children and young people embarking on the transition pathway. Transgender Trend promotes Equality Act compliant resources for schools and children and calls for a sensible discussion and evidence-based research and scientific inquiry into the treatment of children experiencing gender confusion.

Organisations Defending Sex-Based Rights

Fair Play For Women

Fair Play For Women is a campaigning and consultancy group which raises awareness, provides evidence and analysis, and works to protect the rights of women and girls in the UK. They provide expert legal and scientific input to help make good policy which maintains fairness and safety for women and girls. FPFW aim to facilitate the much-needed factual discussion about the need for sex-based policies for women and to provide policy makers with the guidance they need for evidence-based policy making that is fair for all.


FiLiA runs the largest annual grassroots feminist conference in Europe. They are a women-led volunteer organisation and part of the Women’s Liberation Movement. Their vision is a world free from patriarchy where all women and girls are liberated.

For Women Scotland

For Women Scotland (FWS) is a group of ordinary women from across Scotland who campaign to protect and strengthen women’s and children’s rights. They speak up for women’s rights and challenge the ongoing push from government-funded lobby groups to overwrite sex-based rights in legislation and public policy.

Lesbian Rights Alliance

The Lesbian Rights Alliance was set up to defend lesbian rights to have same sex relationships, defend lesbian and women-only space and stop the erasure of lesbians.

Merched Cymru

Merched Cymru is a grassroots group of ordinary women from across Wales who want to protect the sex-based rights of women and girls. They include women from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, all faiths and none. They are not aligned to any political party.


Radicailín are a group of women based in the Republic of Ireland, made up of Irish and migrant women who believe that women’s subjugation is based on women’s material reality. They are radical feminists whose feminism centres females.

Sex Matters

Sex Matters aim to engage with politicians, officials, employers and professional organisations. They aim to build the campaign into new constituencies, professions and sectors, and to help people speak up and act with confidence. Their singular aim is to re-establish that sex matters in rules, laws, policies, language and culture. 

The Countess Didn’t Fight for This

The Countess Didn’t Fight For This is a grassroots political movement based in the Republic of Ireland who take Countess Markievicz as their figurehead and inspiration. Their members come from all corners of Ireland and from all walks of life. They share a concern at what is unfolding in Ireland in the name of Gender Ideology.  

Woman’s Place uk

Woman’s Place are from a range of backgrounds including trade unions, women’s organisations, academia and the NHS. They are united by the belief that women’s hard won rights must be defended. They are against all forms of discrimination and believe in the right of everyone to live their lives free from discrimination and harassment. Women face both endemic structural and personal inequality. This is reflected, for example, in the high levels of sexual harassment and violence against women and girls. This is why sex is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act (2010) which AWPUK believe must be defended.

Women speak scotland

This website provides information about campaigns and actions which support women’s rights. As part of this WSS maintain a popular summary of ongoing legal actions relating to the protection of women’s and girls’ rights.

Organisations Campaigning Against Pornography

CEASE (The Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation)

CEASE UK is a cross-partisan human rights charity whose mission is to expose and dismantle the cultural and commercial forces driving all forms of sexual exploitation in Britain. Their website contains a wealth of information on the harms of pornography and prostitution, and on the links between these, sex trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

Click Off

Although no longer active, the Click Off website contains many useful resources, articles and podcasts about the harms of pornography both to children and to adults.

Culture reframed

Culture Reframed provide education and resources to build resilience and resistance to hypersexualised media and porn. They respond to the pornography crisis by providing education and support to promote healthy child and youth development, relationships, and sexuality. Their research-driven programs teach parents and those in the helping professions how to recognise and respond to the role pornography can play in sexual violence, unhealthy relationships, internet and sex addictions, negative self-image, sexual dysfunction, depression, sexually transmitted infections, injuries, and other issues.


The Trans train – PART 1 and PART 2

The Trans Train is a Swedish documentary with English subtitles. Description: the increase of teenage girls with gender dysphoria worry parents and health care staff in several countries – because of the lack of research on the new group of patients. What if the irreversible decision to undergo a gender correction is a mistake?

Trans Kids: It’s Time to Talk

The psychotherapist and writer Stella O’Malley considers the huge rise in numbers of young people embarking on gender transition, through the prism of the gender identity issues that she experienced when she was a child. The programme aired on Channel 4 on November 21 2018.

Dysphoric: Fleeing Womanhood like a House on Fire

Dysphoric is a four-part documentary series by Vaishnavi Sundar on the rise of Gender Identity Ideology and its effects on women and girls, especially in developing countries. The film explores gender transition, the permanent medical side-effects of hormones and surgeries, corporate propaganda, the language hijacking that calls women ‘menstruators’, and the many hurdles women face while trying to question this modern-day misogyny. The film amplifies the voices of detransitioners, clinicians, psychiatrists, sociologists, feminists, academics and concerned citizens.