There are many ways to support the work of Safe Schools Alliance UK.

Contact schools or local authorities

Individuals can make a significant difference by contacting their/their child’s school or local authority. From our contact with educational professionals, it is clear that there are many people in schools who have doubts about these issues but who are fearful of being the first to speak out. Even a simple letter could prompt in-school discussions which give staff an much-needed opportunity to voice their concerns.

We have put together a list of simple early actions (such as requests for information or clarifying school/local authority policy), along with helpful letter templates and factsheets, which can have a considerable impact on reminding schools of their legal duties – both in terms of the Equality Act and safeguarding of pupils.

You can also adapt these letter templates for children’s clubs or sports teams.

Support us on social media

Help us to raise awareness by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. Like, share and retweet our posts to spread the message.

Join a Safe Schools Alliance UK regional hub

Our activists and supporters are organised into regional hubs. If you are interested in joining a regional hub and finding out how you can help in your area, please contact us.