“As a parent, paediatrician and a school governor I have a huge interest in children’s welfare and how what is taught in schools can contribute massively to this. I began to have some concerns about what was being taught in SRE back in about 2010 and how it could be sexualising children. Over the past few years this has become increasingly concerning and the addition of gender ideology and the intensifying of gender stereotypes has become a massive issue.

As a paediatrician I started to become interested in the treatment of children with gender dysphoria as it started to hit the media and I was horrified by what I learned as I attended various training events run by The Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service. I knew I couldn’t just sit back and let this happen. Children and Young People deserve the best standards of care based on evidence and they need extra support around puberty and becoming adults not medical/surgical pathways that promise to deliver unrealistic solutions to their struggles”.

Parent, Paediatrician and School Governor, 48, Hampshire