Here you will find simple letter templates which can be adapted to suit your circumstances. You may wish to use one of our corresponding factsheets to accompany your letter. If you receive a response from your school and would like help with sending a more detailed follow-up letter, please contact us.

Stonewall Champion schools letter

Stonewall Champion schools letter template for parents v2
  • This is an updated version of a letter template for parents to send to their schools, outlining why we believe that Stonewall should not be involved in writing or contributing to resources relating to RSE, PSHE or any other part of the curriculum. The previous version was downloaded 2105 times since publication in February 2021. Since then further issues relating to their fitness to advise on legislation have arisen, which we have captured here.

Mermaids training letter

  • We know many parents who are concerned about the continuing influence of the lobby group Mermaids in certain schools. In response, we have written the below letter template. This can also be adapted for use by people who are concerned about their influence in other areas.
Mermaids letter template for parents

Puberty blockers judgement: letter to your council

  •  In light of the recent High Court judgement that children under 16 should not be prescribed puberty blockers, we are encouraging parents and carers to write to their own council and ask them to make sure that their trans policies and schools guidance are in line with the ruling of the High Court. We would like hear what response you have from your council. We would also encourage parents to adapt the letter to send to their school / Multi-Academy Trust if they are concerned about the school’s policies.
  • You can find the email of your Director of Children’s Services here…/directors-of-childrens-services… and will need to check your council website for the Lead Councillor who has responsibility for Children’s Services (suggested search terms: Lead Member, Children’s Services, Portfolio Holder).
Letter to the Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services

The Genderbread Person letter

  • One of our supporters sent us the letter that she wrote to her child’s secondary school asking them to stop using the ‘genderbread person’ as a resource for teaching and learning. She has agreed to share it for the benefit of other parents.
    The school have removed the resource.
The Genderbread Person Letter

Mixed-sex Toilets letter

  • One of our supporters sent us the letter that she wrote to her daughter’s secondary school after she found that some of the toilets had been made mixed-sex. We have reproduced it here with her permission to help other parents write their own letters.
Mixed-sex Toilets in Secondary School

‘Trans toolkits’ letter

  • In the light of the news that numerous local councils have withdrawn their ‘trans’ guidance for schools, we are encouraging parents and carers to look at their own county council’s trans policies, check them against our Equality and Diversity ‘Red Flags’ factsheet, and contact their Local Education Authority if they are concerned.
LEA Guidance for schools

Sex is an Equality Act ‘Protected Characteristic’ letter

  • Check whether your/your child’s school or local authority correctly refers to ‘sex’ as a protected characteristic in their Equality Policy (usually found on the school or local authority website). If not, contact them requesting that they replace all erroneous references to ‘gender’ with the correct characteristic ‘sex’.
Equality Act Protected Characteristics

Schools plans for RSE and PSHE letter

  • Enquire what topics are being taught in Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) or Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and how they are delivered.
Relationship and Sex Education

Tackling sexism in secondary schools letter

  • Enquire what your/your child’s school are doing to tackle sexism in secondary schools, as highlighted by the recent NEU and UK Feminista study. We recommend sending our Sexism In Secondary Schools factsheet with this letter.
Sexism in Secondary Schools

External training providers letter

  • Enquire whether your/your child’s school has received training or based policies or information from external providers in relation to Equality and Diversity, Inclusivity, Safeguarding, Gender, or RSE.
External Training Providers

Single-sex facilities in schools letter

  • Request information regarding the provision of single-sex facilities within school. We recommend sending our Single-Sex Toilets/Changing Facilities factsheet with this letter.
In-school Single-sex Facilities

Single-sex facilities on school trips letter

  • Request information regarding the provision of single-sex facilities on residential trips. We recommend sending our Single-Sex Toilets/Changing Facilities factsheet with this letter.
School Trip Single-sex Facilities

Letter to the Crown Prosecution Service

  • Write to the Crown Prosecution Service about the updated guidance for schools on LGBT+ Bullying and Hate Crime which they released on the 21/1/20
    *UPDATE* The CPS guidance has been withdrawn and they have confirmed that it will not be re-issued. This letter is therefore only for reference.
Crown Prosecution Service Guidance for Schools

EHRC Schools Guidance letter

  • Write to your MP to express concerns about the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s leaked draft guidance to schools regarding transgender pupils with this letter template.
EHRC Guidance for Schools