It was recently announced that British model Munroe Bergdorf has been appointed as a celebrity LGBT+ ambassador for the child protection charity, the NSPCC. The Safe Schools Alliance believe that this is a wholly inappropriate appointment and that Bergdorf is an unsuitable role model for several reasons.

Bergdorf has been involved in several controversies in the past, including making homophobic, lesbophobic, misogynistic and racist comments, as well as publishing tweets directed at young followers which contradict the NSPCC’s own advice regarding online grooming.

For full details of our concerns, please see our open letter to NSPCC CEO Peter Wanless below.

2 thoughts on “Safe Schools Alliance criticise the NSPCC’s appointment of Munroe Bergdorf as LGBT+ ambassador

  1. I am appalled and disgusted with NSPCC. Munroe Berghdof ? As ambadassor. ? You are surely joking. No way. Nspcc have completely lost the plot. I have been a donor for years but no longer My money is not going to fund salaries of people like Berghdof and the other executives who are not running nspcc but ruining it

  2. Munro Bergdorf characterises women as grotesque pornographic caricatures. What on earth is any serious child safeguarding charity thinking by hiring this person?

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