Last month we wrote to the Equality & Human Rights Commission about the guidance which they are developing for schools to help them understand equalities law while supporting pupils who are trans or gender questioning. Our letter was signed by 150+ of our named supporters, including parents, teachers, governors, and others who work with young people.

We raised concerns about the guidance currently in use by local education authorities, and asked for a public consultation on the EHRC guidance, so that concerned parents and people working in education could voice their views safely.

The EHRC replied. They do not want to consult publicly. They tell us they have spoken to women’s and children’s rights groups in developing their guidance, but they will not say who they are. We are not reassured by this.

Please let us know if you are a women’s or children’s rights group who has been consulted by the EHRC. Concerned supporters, please write to your MP and ask them to demand a public consultation on this important issue.

Our correspondence with the Equality & Human Rights Commission regarding the Draft of National Schools Guidance on Supporting Transgender Children can be found below.

These letters have been redacted to protect the names and personal information of the 150+ signatories, as well as the details of the recipients and signatories within the EHRC.

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