With a General Election looming, it is crucial that we tell politicians which issues are important to us. The Labour Party are currently asking for input on their manifesto. Please click here to share your thoughts with the Shadow Cabinet.

We strongly advise our supporters (even those who may not support the Labour Party) to submit a response. As well as raising other political issues which are important to you, please consider raising key issues surrounding gender identity, relationship/sex ed & safeguarding.

Key issues:
– Defend rights of women/girls to single-sex spaces
– Consult with ALL interested parties before making gender identity policy
– Review suitability of RSE content currently delivered in schools
– Tackle rise in misogyny in schools
– Combat effects of porn on children

There is a 200 word limit and submissions will close at 11.59pm on Wednesday 6 November.

Please continue to raise these concerns with your MP. Where possible, make it clear to the leadership of other relevant political parties that these issues are important to voters.

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