Safe Schools Alliance have been interviewed for an article for the independent which discusses the misleading and unlawful guidance issued to single-sex schools by trans lobby groups.
Unfortunately The Independent did not report in the article on what the law actually says. Exceptions in the Equality Act do permit schools to admit children of only one sex.

James Kirkup has written in the Spectator yesterday about the tactic of regulatory capture which has been successfully deployed by some of these groups, with the result that organisations that should be providing clear and evidence-based guidance on this issue are failing to do so.

We call upon the Equality and Human Rights Commission to perform its regulatory role in way that prioritises safeguarding, and to issue guidance that balances the rights of all pupils and makes it clear to schools what their legal obligations are.

Safe Schools Alliance have written to the EHRC with our concerns about their current draft guidance for schools on trans-identified pupils, leaked in September 2019. They have not responded.

You can read our letter here:

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