Safe Schools Alliance and Fair Cop are supporting a 14-year-old girl who is taking legal action against the ‘LGBT+ hate crime guidance’ for schools issued by the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] in January.

The teenager is seeking an application for a judicial review and is challenging the guidance on a number of grounds:

  1. It contains legal errors relating to the Equality Act 2010.
  2. It misrepresents the law relating to Gender Reassignment, Single Sex Toilet Facilities and Prosecution of Hate Incidents.
  3. It had no input from organisations with specialist knowledge of child welfare.
  4. It seeks to indoctrinate children.
  5. It seeks to suppress Free Speech.
  6. It seeks to suppress Freedom of Association.

The guidance directs staff and pupils to be aware of hate crimes and ‘hate incidents’, suggesting that a child can be guilty of criminal behaviour because of her thoughts, reactions, or whom she chooses to be friends with.

You can read more about our concerns with this guidance here.

The teenager seeking to bring the case is concerned that the guidance may criminalise her for talking about her sex-based rights. She has said that “Girls should not have to stay silent when they are uncomfortable with males in their toilets. This is supposed to be anti-bullying guidance but I feel intimidated that I would have to stay silent. That’s not anti-bullying; not for girls.”

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