We have learnt today that The Crown Prosecution Service have withdrawn their schools guidance for review, following a pre-action letter on behalf of a fourteen year old girl.

We are proud to have supported this inspiring teenage girl in her quest for justice. Her determination to see fair play for girls will make a huge difference to the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of children and young people.

We are grateful to the CPS for withdrawing their schools guidance. While the idea that this guidance would educate students on hate crime and reduce bullying may have been well-intentioned, the effect was quite the opposite. It reinforced sexist and homophobic stereotypes, curtailed free speech and made female students feel unsafe in schools.

We hope any other similar guidance will also now be withdrawn. Safe Schools Alliance would welcome the opportunity to be involved in creating nationwide guidance that challenges homophobic and sexist bullying in schools, upholds the Equality Act 2010 and safeguards all children so that they are able to feel safe throughout their whole time in education and achieve their full potential.

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