We condemn the continued targeted harassment of Dr Kathleen Stock in the strongest possible terms. We consider that this terrorising of a female professor is driven by a hatred of women and is an outright assault on democracy.

We welcome the initial response from The University of Sussex. They must make clear that they will not allow this dangerous behaviour to continue. Students and staff members involved in these misogynistic attacks on a female professor must be identified and expelled. Sussex police must launch an urgent investigation and any necessary charges be brought against the perpetrators.

Parents and potential students must start asking pertinent questions on open days. Universities that fail to uphold free speech and fail to ensure that all staff and students are safe, particularly females do not deserve to to be in receipt of tuition fees. Students attending university are adults; however they are young adults, the university still has a duty of care as they begin to make their way in the adult world. Part of the duty of care is to protect the welfare of professors such as Dr. Stock so that they in turn may safeguard their students and deliver the best standard of education possible.

We stand in solidarity with Dr. Kathleen Stock.

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