We are supporting Fair Play for Women’s action to say no to letting sex self-ID in through the back door. We do not believe decisions made by the Scottish government should affect English and Welsh school children.

Fair Play for Women says:

“Although last year Liz Truss rejected introducing Sex self-ID for England and Wales, the UK government has not yet ruled out letting it in by the back door through Scotland.

The Scottish Government is planning to remove UK wide “checks and balances” by allowing anyone over the age of 16 born or living in Scotland to change their sex in law, in as little as six months, and without the need for any diagnosis or medical evidence. A draft bill has now been introduced into the Scottish parliament and could become law before the year is out.

We estimate there are around 15,000 Scottish-born children aged 16+ currently attending English and Welsh schools, any of whom will be able to use the Scottish system to change their sex in law while still at school.

This means, for the first time ever, English and Welsh schools may have to deal with teenage boys presenting their newly acquired female birth certificates to staff and demanding access to the girls’ toilets, changing rooms and sports teams.

This means your daughters’ right to privacy away from the opposite sex while at school in England or Wales will be diminished by a decision made in the Scottish parliament by MSPs you didn’t vote for.”

Self ID in Scotland could impact families in England and Wales. But the UK Government could still say no. Please act now to protect all pupils across England, Wales and Scotland.

This is what you can do.

Write to Liz Truss. Ask her to stand by her original decision to reject self ID in England and Wales. The Scottish government is looking to remove existing safeguards and Liz Truss needs to know she the public support to prioritise safeguarding.
Write to her at: geo.correspondence@geo.gov.uk

Write to Nadhim Zahawi, the Education Secretary. Ask him to speak up for safeguarding and say no to allowing children in English schools to change the sex on their birth certificates. Explain that this will make life very difficult for girls in schools to assert their legal rights to single sex spaces (toilets, changing rooms, dorm rooms, sports).
Write to him at: sec-of-state.ps@education.gov.uk

Write to your own MP asking them to lobby UK Ministers to refuse to allow this legislation to go through. Explain that you are concerned about the safety of pupils in schools, and that we should not have self ID in the UK through the back door of Scottish legislation. 

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