We are pleased that the BBC has started to take note of the safeguarding concerns that we have been raising for years over unregulated Relationships and Sex Education, and over the promotion of transgender ideology to children. Tanya Carter has taken part in several programmes over recent weeks. While we have not always felt that she has been given an adequate amount of space to put the safeguarding viewpoint, we do welcome this as progress.

May 19th 2023

BBC News at One time from 13 mins

Tanya Carter was interviewed and also quoted in this accompanying BBC News online article on the lack of trans guidance for schools and the varying approaches that schools are taking as a result of this.

While we are pleased that the BBC is beginning to approach this subject in a balanced manner, we do not yet think it is communicating the seriousness of this national safeguarding scandal to the public. The article states that:

“39% of the secondary teachers who responded said they would support [a child who wished to socially transition], regardless of parental consent.”

This should be the headline here. 4 in 10 of the 7,000 teachers surveyed do not understand their safeguarding responsibilities.The lack of professional curiosity around why this might be happening, what the effects of socially transitioning might be, and what children claiming an opposite sex identity have been looking at online is an incredibly disturbing.

A lack of guidance on a particular topic should not be an excuse for failing to uphold safeguarding. However, safeguarding guidance has already been written for schools by the Bayswater Support Group, and we recommend that schools refer to this in the absence of a current, safeguarding-focused alternative.

May 9th 2023

BBC File on 4 Sex Education: Too much too young?

Award-winning current affairs documentary series investigating major issues at home and abroad

File on 4 investigates claims that children are being taught graphic and age-inappropriate material as part of their Relationship and Sex Education.

The government has brought forward a review into how sex education is taught in schools in England following concerns that children across the country are being taught lessons on oral sex, how to choke your partner safely and 72 genders as part of their RSE.

We speak to teachers, parents, children and sex education providers to try and discover what’s really happening in schools and where there are instances of bad practice, we ask if they’re part of a systemic national problem in sex education or extreme examples used to push a political moral agenda.

April 16th 2023

BBC Radio 5 Live Nolan Show time from 44 mins 40 secs

Trans policy in schools

Tanya Carter talked with Stephen Nolan about the upcoming DfE guidance for schools on how to treat pupils identifying as trans and emphasised that no child should be removed from safeguarding frameworks.

March 27th 2023

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Sex education in schools

Earlier this month, the Conservative MP Miriam Cates said in the House of Commons that children were being exposed to ‘graphic’ and ‘age inappropriate’ material during their sex education classes. The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has decided to bring forward a planned review of the Department for Education’s Relationships and Sex Education guidance in England.

To shed light on what is being taught in schools, and what this review may cover, Nuala McGovern speaks to a range of stakeholders, including headteacher and President of the Association of School and College leaders Evelyn Forde, director of the Sex Education Forum Lucy Emmerson, academic Dr Sophie King-Hill, and Tanya Carter from the Safe Schools Alliance. We also hear from parents and listeners including young people themselves.

March 17th 2023

BBC Radio 4 AntiSocial

Sex education and schools

After sex education was made compulsory in England in 2019, many schools started bringing in external companies to teach the subject. But with no formal regulation, a vast range of lessons are being offered and some providers refuse to let parents know what’s being taught. It’s led to some misinformation spreading online and a debate about whether some things are too explicit to learn at school.

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  1. Those educators who support the teachings of Stonewall and its allies need to realise that they are supporting a political movement whose aim is to destabilize and weaken our children through teaching every absurdity possible arising from the new-fangled doctrine of gender identity, and that behind their moves to turn the children into uncertain unhappy people, afraid of their own shadow and divorced from reality is the primary purpose of Critical Theory, namely to replace our society with something more to their own choosing.. Judging from their homicidal reaction to any opposition, what they have in mind by way of replacement is a type of autocracy or totalitarianism. The sooner what these vicious people really represent is appreciated by the public at large, the sooner we will be free of their toxic influence..

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