The latest DfE guidelines on the teaching of RSE in schools state that external resources used by schools must be ‘evidence-based and contains robust facts and statistics’ and that ‘materials which suggest that non-conformity to gender stereotypes should be seen as synonymous with having a different gender identity should not be used’.
In the light of this, one of our supporters wrote to her children’s school to request the removal of the ‘genderbread person‘ as a teaching resource. We’re pleased to say that the school did this very promptly, and that the letter has already been used by another parent to successfully challenge the use of this resource in her own son’s school.
We reproduce it here for the benefit of other concerned parents and carers.

The Genderbread Person Letter

One thought on “Supporter success: genderbread resource

  1. Important for schools to know parents are aware of the sometimes unsuitable biased resources they use. Empowering to have this letter. Thank you for sharing.

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