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‘Wonderland’ by Juno Dawson: a review

One of our parents discovered that Juno Dawson’s book Wonderland is stocked in their child’s secondary school library. The rationale offered by the school for stocking such books was that the authors come from marginalised groups. Yet according to Wikipedia, Dawson is the author of 22 books; not the hallmark of marginalisation. The school librarian … Continue reading ‘Wonderland’ by Juno Dawson: a review

‘Educate and Celebrate’ and the NEU

We are pleased to see that the National Education Union (NEU) have agreed to carry out a review after it was revealed they organised training from the charity Educate and Celebrate which misrepresented the law, sought to deny reality and erase students' sex-based rights. Educate and Celebrate offer resources and training to nurseries, schools and … Continue reading ‘Educate and Celebrate’ and the NEU