The Times and The Daily Mail both quote Safe Schools Alliance in articles this week about drag queen Aida H Dee reading stories to children in UK libraries. The Times article notes that we have written to Dame Rachel de Souza, Children’s Commissioner for England about this.

We believe that Drag Queen Story Hour is damaging as it promotes the transgression of boundaries in a way that is not in small children’s best interests, and prioritises validation of adult identities over children’s factual learning about the world. Bringing adult ideology into children’s spaces such as schools and library Story Hours is an abuse of power by the adults involved. We have written more about this in a previous post about DQSH.

We prioritise the safeguarding of children: we therefore do not support the protests that have taken place outside Aida H Dee’s events, which will have been frightening both for the children accompanying the protesters and the children brought along to attend the Story Hour. We call on the responsible local councils and the Children’s Commissioner to intervene, prioritise child safeguarding and stop these events.

Below is a copy of the letter that we wrote to the Children’s Commissioner about the Story Hour tour by Aida H Dee.

“Dear Mrs de Souza,

We are writing to you today to ask you to prevent the proposed Drag Queen Story Hour events from going ahead at various libraries around the country, please see enclosed screenshot:

List of Drag Queen Story Hour tour dates at public libraries

The person that we are concerned about is Sab Samuel, aka Aida H Dee. We are asking you to prevent this act going forward on the following grounds: 

1. Safeguarding policy

We are alarmed by the content of DQSH’s safeguarding policy, seen here:

No adult should have to be reminded not to have sex with children. Why might such an explicit statement be needed?

2. Inappropriate behaviour

The teacher Thomas Heayal was, in June this year, struck off the teaching register for posting images of himself which the Teacher Regulation Agency considered fell “towards the lower end of sexual misconduct.” (p.10) The Agency’s panel also said

“Whilst the panel had regard to the fact that there was no evidence presented that any   pupils had seen or accessed the images online, the panel did consider that as a teacher Mr Heayel was likely to be viewed as a role model by pupils.” (Panel Decision, June 2022, p.7).

Indeed, Samuel himself says that he is a “role model for 5 year olds”.

Like Heayal, Samuel is incapable of moderating what he posts. For example:

Cartoon of mouse bending over with caption "When u at an orgy and another bottom tries to steal the top that's about to destroy ur hole"
Shared from Aida H Dee Facebook page.
Photo of Sab Samuels exposing a man's naked buttocks. "Aida wuz here" is written on the right buttock.

It is one thing reading a story about acceptance, it is quite another making images such as these above available for curious children to find. Samuels cannot simultaneously claim to be a role model and also abrogate his  responsibilities towards those children he claims to be concerned about. Given his public profile, he should take care not to refer to orgies on social media, and his actions are compounded by the accompaniment  of a child’s cartoon figure. Just as teachers have to take care over what they publicly post, so too should Samuel.  All those who influence children should uphold standards.

Furthermore, the following images are disturbing for obvious reasons. The phrase ‘love has no age’ is a phrase used to groom children and should be avoided by those who do not wish to be associated with such practices. You can read our concerns about this phrase this here

Post by Drag Queen Story Hour UK captioned "Love has no age!"
Post by Aida H Dee showing a young teen boy and an elderly man with the comment "Gay clubs are wild because you can run into both of these guys and then find out they're both 23 years old"

3. Drag Queen Aida’s clothing reveals his genitals

This is not appropriate.

Picture of Aida H Dee in mermaid costume showing the outline of his genitals.

4. Misogynistic

This is the best known argument so we won’t repeat it here in full, however this summary provides an explanation as to the misogyny inherent in drag and why it is dangerous.

Samuel’s misogyny is further exemplified here:

Comment "Shutup Karen" made by Aida H Dee on Twitter in response to Allison Bailey raising concern over males in women's prisons.

5. Age Inappropriate

‘Queerness’ is not a concept that is relevant to any child, however, the organisation Samuel works for states that “kids can be queer.” 

Picture of a drag queen captioned "Kids can be queer, get over it!" posted by Drag Queen Story Hour UK.

Labels such as “queer” are meaningless, particularly in relation to small children, because their sexuality is yet to develop. It is also perfectly normal for children to dress up – all nursery schools have dressing up boxes that children are encouraged to explore. The books Sab Samuel reads lack this insight. 

In the light of these points, please intervene in the decision of the Library Service to host Drag Queens in our libraries.

Yours sincerely

Safe Schools Alliance”

2 thoughts on “Aida H Dee and the Drag Queen Story Hour summer tour

  1. A clear, and factually revealing statement of the dangers – and possibly even unknown legal consequences – of local authorities allowing anyone with a fetish or an underlying sexual agenda – no matter how much ‘fun’ or how entertaining they appear to be; and they clearly are as it’s their disguise. -If in doubt, leave it out. If parents are foolish enough not to wish to face these facts, then that is up to them. Government should not assist the potential corruption of young minds in the name of diversity and inclusion. Beware.

  2. Brillant article exposing drag Queens hypocrisy. When I think of the interview I saw of him talking about why he does drag time story hour, well its obviously all a desperate cover, hiding his other dubious interests revealed in this article. No way should he be allowed in schools, libraries or community centres.

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