“Our local school , where my niece attends, recently had a gender fluid, trans, trainee teacher, the children were forewarned and advised  in how they should address this person, who was biologically female, but the children were told they MUST address this person as he, ‘whether they agreed with it or not’.  When you enforce this type of ‘right think’ upon children, that is clearly  in direct opposition to biological reality,( which may have been the topic in their last biology lesson),  you are asking children to lie, to ignore material reality and enforcing them to obey an ideology that says things are otherwise.  You are also asking that child to become involved in validating an adult’s belief system.  This opens the door to profound cognitive dissonance- everyone knows but no one can say.  This is what is known as ‘compelled speech’ isn’t it? And that is against the law.

When you also couple this with the much overused guilt trip used on children,  by the myriad of trans lobby groups (who have in effect institutional capture of schools),  who play upon how very sensitive and special  trans people are, and how everyone must move aside for them, come what may,  and that a trans girl, i.e a male bodied person, has the supreme right to access girls toilets and NOONE can challenge this, you are literally opening the door to two things, the potential for sexual abuse of the girls, by anyone male who might choose to identify  as female, and secondly for girls’ enforced relinquishing of  their ability to stand up and challenge any male in their space.     Girls already are subject to increasing levels of sexual harassment and rape within schools, (yes, actually rape happens in schools rather a lot), and in this pornified generation is it not vitally important in this situation that we actually uphold and STRENGTHEN safeguarding for girls and their sex segregated spaces, not dismantle them?

When a girl is in a toilet, she should be afforded privacy and dignity, especially when starting her periods, and should be confident that she is safe from male attentions. But, when you then allow a trans pupil (male bodied) unhindered access to girl’s toilets, and THEN tell those girls that if they don’t like it, that they have absolutely no right to object, and that they  should shut up and put up, or go to use a toilet elsewhere, where exactly?  (MERMAIDS advice to schools does just this), you are promoting the dismantling of girl’s ability and confidence to defend themselves, to name reality, and to say NO to males. It is a violation of their boundaries.   All of this is going against ALL current safeguarding protocols and current laws. All because trans rights have trumped everyone else’s rights, but particularly girl’s rights.  The fallout from this will be and is already profound; this ideology is actively promoting a blurring of the understanding of biological sex, and therefore an ability to delineate and define sexual boundaries. It is an encouragement to disbelieve in reality, and make no mistake, this WILL be taken advantage of, and IS being taken advantage of, to the detriment of girls physical and mental well-being. Why don’t girls count?”