This statement by Keira Bell was written in support of SSA UK’s statement on Liz Truss MP’s priorities for the Government Equalities Office. Keira Bell is a young woman who was referred for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and medical transition by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, and who is now taking them to court over the way in which they obtain consent to treat children.

No one yet knows the “detransition” or regret rates. This has not been adequately investigated or studied despite the extreme and worrying increase and imbalance in the number of young women being referred to gender clinics. It appears that the gender clinics are obfuscating this information and trivialising this matter. There is especially no way of telling the regret rates as some people continue to live as trans/don’t express openly despite having regretted their transition.

There is no way of telling if someone will detransition beforehand. Gender/sex dysphoria is a mental illness and not necessarily a chronic condition as it is a symptom of underlying issues. The GRA is harmful as it is creating falsified and indelible records based on the current feelings of people. It has the ability to trap us detransitioners as when we begin to recover from gender dysphoria we are stuck on the “gender recognition register” and there is no policy to be able to revert to our original birth certificates with our birth sex.

A lot of trans identifying people speak of detransition with fear because they hold the opinion that gender/sex dysphoria is innate and in turn, detransitioners voices are being suppressed. No one is born in the wrong body and science says this.

Accusations of “transphobia” are given to anyone who differs from the stubborn opinion of transgender activists and it is used to generate double think. Transgender activists often make the comparison of trans rights with black rights as a method of manipulation to people who want to be on the right side of history.
The transgender movement is sexist and largely homophobic at its core (also suspected by ex Tavistock clinicians and reported by The Times)…/it-feels-like-conversion-thera…). As the statistics at the gender clinics show, young lesbians and masculine girls are being influenced to think that something is inherently wrong with them and that they have male brains because they do not fit in to stereotypes.

It is incredibly important for same sex (strictly female) spaces to be upheld. Sex matters.

Keira Bell

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  1. I love your testimony! Very true and very brave words you’re sharing to the world. Children at that age can’t manage their feelings or can make decisions like that, they are not ready yet. I think behind this clinic and practices are lots of people with interests to destroy precious lives. Lost of money and personal interests careless for others. They don’t want the true to be heard. Thank you !!

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