This article is a must-read for teachers, parents & school leaders. It explores the horrifying efforts to normalise & rebrand paedophilia in society today.

Peter Tatchell’s continuing attempts to influence Relationship & Sex Ed (RSE) guidelines is alarming. In this disturbing article, he is unable to recognise Child Sexual Exploitation. Instead, he seems to suggest that sex with adults is a rite of passage for gay children.

Safe Schools Alliance are also disgusted by the increasing number of accounts on Twitter which belong to paedophiles who tweet about their sexual attraction to children. They unashamedly use acronyms such as MAP (minor attracted person) and AOA (age of attraction).

It is particularly worrying that these accounts frequently use gender identity jargon (describing themselves as ‘cis’ or ‘trans’ and listing their preferred pronouns). Some use the ‘genderbread person’ (a resource used by Mermaids in schools) as their profile picture.

Screenshots of paedophile Twitter accounts with cartoon avatars, stating 'I'm a trans boy', I'm LGBT+, 'Cis, he/him or they/them'
Screenshots of ‘MAP’ accounts on Twitter
Twitter account which uses the genderbread person as an avatar and states 'I am a young non-offending paedophile, trying to show the world that paedophiles aren't the same as child molesters. @ me with any questions you may have :)'
Screenshot of ‘MAP’ account on Twitter with ‘Genderbread Person’ Profile Picture

Twitter’s policy states: ‘discussions related to child exploitation…or attraction to minors are permitted, provided they don’t glorify CSE in any way’. Despite the half-hearted caveat, this is appalling & an example of the current normalisation of paedophilia in society.

‘MAPs’ & their professional allies advocate the use of child sex dolls, arguing that there is no evidence that they increase the likelihood of offending. Some of these groups even masquerade as Child Protection organisations, such as the Prostasia Foundation.

It is essential that anybody working with children adheres to Safer Recruitment principles and operates in a culture of ongoing vigilance. They must be aware that even those with good intentions may be under the influence of individuals or organisations with nefarious motives.

A society that does not protect children has lost its way. It is time to oppose the normalisation of child sexual exploitation & abuse in the strongest possible terms.

We would like to offer our solidarity to Jacqui Dillon and thank her for speaking out. We also thank The Morning Star for their ongoing commitment to responsible journalism.

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