Safe Schools Alliance UK believes that gender ideology is a political agenda which is being prioritised over the safety and well-being of children. In light of recent events with the NSPCC and Mermaids, it is becoming increasingly apparent that organisations cannot be relied upon to put children first.

We support the work of Transgender Trend to challenge what we feel is a dangerous ideology which does not adequately support gender non-conforming children. Instead, gender ideology reinforces harmful gender stereotypes, encourages social transition and advocates medical intervention.

Transgender Trend is the only UK organisation calling for an evidence-based approach to understanding the upsurge in children and young people being identified as transgender.

Transgender Trend founder, Stephanie Davies-Arai, advocates for a more nuanced approach to the care and support of gender non-conforming children and young people, coordinating the UK response of families, transgender people, clinicians, teachers, policy makers, government ministers and Members of the House of Lords who are worried about the unprecedented numbers of children and young people embarking on the transition pathway.

Please consider donating to their crowdfunder, Enough is Enough.

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