Safe Schools Alliance doubt that any child would find the content of this video produced by the BBC helpful or informative. We question BBC TEACH’s understanding of safeguarding.

It is conceivable that Relationship and Sex Education may trigger complex and sensitive questions or even disclosures of abuse. RSE should be delivered by a known adult whom children feel comfortable asking questions of or making disclosures to.
It is unclear if the children understand the convoluted answers they received in response to their questions. Efforts must be made to check understanding of these complex and important topics.

Regarding stereotypes:
Schools must foster good relationships between the sexes by challenging gender stereotypes. This must be reflected in RSE teaching.

Regarding sex and gender:
Schools should not teach RSE in a way which perpetuates sexist ideas. The ‘born in the wrong body’ sentiment expressed in this video echoes the sexist notion that men and women have innately different personalities.

Regarding ‘gender identities’:
RSE must be biologically accurate. ‘Male’ & female’ are biological classifications of sex. Human sex is binary, meaning that there are two distinct human sexes. (note: the existence of intersex conditions does not negate sexual dimorphism)

Regarding ‘changing gender’:
Teaching of RSE must clarify that very few people conform to gender stereotypes. Children should be encouraged to accept & embrace their wonderfully varied personality traits, not told that they are ‘born in the wrong body’ if they do not conform.

Regarding LGBTQ+
Homosexuals still do not have worldwide equality and in many places are still persecuted simply for being gay. The fight for gay liberation is undermined by this acronym which is constantly updated to add new letters with frivolous meanings.

Regarding ‘pansexuality’:
Please see our previous post on ‘pansexuality’.

Safe Schools Alliance UK are strongly in favour of good quality RSE and believe it is an integral part of safeguarding. Sadly, inappropriate and unhelpful videos such as this one only strengthen the arguments of those who campaign against RSE.

If you are concerned by the confusing and unscientific content of this video, please make a complaint to the BBC. Please also contact your children’s schools and request to preview RSE materials.

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