Please read the Economist article here.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission have produced draft guidance on transgender pupils which has serious safeguarding implications. This is complete regulatory capture. Publication of this guidance must be halted. Safeguarding must be prioritised.

Please write to your MP now.

Ask your MP to ensure that the EHRC consults with ourselves and other relevant groups. Ask them to ensure the guidance gains parliamentary approval before publication.

Find our letter template here.

Find your MP here.

Read the EHRC’s leaked draft guidance here.

2 thoughts on “Transgender rules for English schools face a backlash from women | Economist

  1. I have sent a slightly amended version of your template to my MP Andy Slaughter (Hammersmith). Thank you very much for alerting me to the EHRC publication and for composing the template. You are helping parents (and transwidows like me) to protect children (and men!) from the poison of trans ideology. This is a battle which is being conducted on many fronts. Thank you again.

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