Another must-read Morning Star article on the damaging effects of porn. Porn culture has been allowed to seep into sex education and is extremely harmful to children. This must be challenged immediately.

The ‘Respect Yourself’ resource used by Warwickshire County Council falsely presents itself as helpful guidance for teens. In reality, it is filled with boundary-erasing, pro-porn, pro-prostitution propaganda which raises a multitude of safeguarding issues.

‘Respect Yourself’ uses woke language to obfuscate the inappropriate nature of its advice to children on sex & relationships. Have those responsible for this material been deceived by pseudo-progressive jargon? Or is this a deliberate attempt to weaken children’s boundaries?

Inappropriate resources such as Warwickshire County Council’s ‘Respect Yourself’ result in objections to ALL forms of sex education. This is dangerous.

Children need biologically-accurate, age-appropriate information regarding sex, puberty, relationships & their legal rights in order to recognise abusive and harmful situations. Appropriate Relationship and Sex Education is a crucial aspect of safeguarding.

Warwickshire County Council’s ‘All About Me’ primary sex ed features lessons on ‘self-stimulation’. Whilst children of an appropriate age should know that masturbation is normal, no adult should actively encourage or teach children to partake in sexual activity.

Sadly, we live in a society where violent & degrading pornography is one click away from young children. As adults we do need to be able to discuss this with children. Sex education must focus on the harm caused by pornography, not promote it.

Failure to tackle the porn-addled society we live in has led to an epidemic of young girls being subjected to sexual abuse in their own bedrooms. This is a national scandal which we must address.

We highly recommend the work of Gail Dines of Culture Reframed. This is an excellent resource for parents & teachers looking to understand the world that children & young people are growing up in.

Abhorrent behaviour and abuse has been normalised by rape & porn culture. The Warwick University WhatsApp scandal is indicative of the institutional failure to tackle rape culture. Children & young people deserve better.

Warwick University overlooks rape & abuse. Warwickshire County Council endorses boundary-erasing sex education. What is going on in Warwickshire?!

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