SSA UK would like to thank Woman’s Place UK for the wonderful job they did in organising such an inspiring conference on Saturday. We were delighted to be there and to be a part of celebrating the vibrant and purposeful Women’s Liberation movement of the 2020s.

We were very pleased to meet so many of our supporters old and new at the conference. We talked to many parents, aunts, grandparents, teachers and governors, all concerned with what is happening in schools and asking for advice on how to make sure that their schools’ equality policies safeguard all children. We heard some very worrying stories about situations where children’s right to privacy and dignity is being ignored in favour of trans ideology, and where trans-identified children were being treated as somehow outside of standard safeguarding policies.

We underestimated how popular our resources would be and ran out quite early on, but everything we had on our stall is available in the Resources section on this website.

We are working hard to challenge current practices but ultimately the power is in parents’ hands; it was inspiring to meet so many people willing to take action.

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