We are delighted to be supporting a teenage girl as she applies for a Judicial Review against the Crown Prosecution Service. The girls believes that membership of the Stonewall Champions Scheme renders the CPS institutionally biased and has applied for the case to be heard in the high court. 

We are dismayed that the CPS has prioritised its relationship with a pressure group which has lobbied to change the law regarding sex-based provisions over the valid concerns raised by this teenage girl. 

Any guidance, document or policy to be used by schools, or any other organisation that deals with under 18s must have Child Safeguarding at its heart and must be written by people who were recruited using robust Safer Recruitment processes and have undergone safeguarding training. All polices must be legally compliant and free of political ideology.

This regulatory capture, where Stonewall’s erroneous interpretation of the law is taken as gospel, cannot be allowed to continue. We look forward to continuing to support Miss A and once again commend her bravery.

6 thoughts on “Teenager applies for Judicial Review to force the CPS to withdraw from the Stonewall ‘Diversity Champions’ Programme

  1. The CPS should be getting on with the job it is currently doing so badly, not taking time out for comfortable virtue signalling.

    1. Agree . We are being erased. Matt Hancock this is a grave error to allow Stonewall materials into schools.

  2. The CPS has no business being involved with any political group of any kind including charities. What is the purpose of this involvement if it isn’t to listen to their views. It’s entirely wrong on so many levels.

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