The Daily Mail reports on the Department for Education guidance which addresses the teaching of gender identity in schools and quotes Safe Schools Alliance.
The Mail focuses on the harm of suggesting to children that they may be trans if they don’t conform to gender stereotypes, and reports on the criticisms that have been levelled at organisations such as Mermaids:

‘One Mermaids training course last year involved a 12-point ‘gender spectrum’, ranging from a Barbie doll in a pink dress at the ‘female’ side to a GI Joe in military fatigues at the opposite, ‘male’ end.
The new guidance has been issued following a lengthy campaign by groups that question the medical transition of children.
Stephanie Davies-Arai, of Transgender Trend, said: ‘This is what we have been calling for. We are very glad to see this guidance.’
The Safe Schools Alliance said the guidance should mean Mermaids is now blocked from any role in training teachers or advising schools. It said: ‘This guidance makes clear that Mermaids are not suitable to train teachers and schools. All policies that they or organisations partnered with them have consulted on, must now be reviewed.’

Mermaids tweeted that this article, focusing on the safeguarding of gender non-conforming children, was ‘one of the most… transphobic articles ever published’.
We await with interest Mermaids’ explanation of how they would identify a child as transgender without reference to any gender stereotypes.

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