Keira Bell won her case yesterday against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust over the way in which they obtain consent to treat children suffering from gender dysphoria: her victory means that puberty blockers will no longer be prescribed to children without a court order.

Keira made this statement outside court and has given permission for it to be reproduced here.

I am delighted at the judgment of the court today. It was a judgment that will protect vulnerable young people. I wish that it had been made for me before I embarked on the devastating experiment of puberty blockers. My life would be very different today.

This time last year I joined this case with no hesitation, knowing what I knew about what had and has been going on at the gender identity clinic. My hope was that outside of the noise of the culture wars, the court would shine a light on this harmful experiment on vulnerable children and young people. These drugs seriously harmed me in more ways than one and they have harmed many more, particularly young girls and women.

This judgment is not political, it is about the protection of vulnerable children. Please read it carefully. It exposes a complacent and dangerous culture at the heart of the national centre responsible for treating children and young people with gender dysphoria.

This fight is not yet over. I would like to personally call on professionals and clinicians to create better mental health services and models to help those dealing with gender dysphoria to reconcile with their sex. And furthermore, I call on society to accept those who do not conform to sex stereotypes – not to push them into a life of drugs and concealment from who they truly are. This means stopping the homophobia, the misogyny and the bullying of those that are different.

Today I am delighted to see that common sense has prevailed and to see a reinstatement of safeguarding for children. I want to thank every single person who donated to make this case happen. Your generosity has helped protect vulnerable children and young people. I wish to thank Sue Evans who had the courage to begin this case. I also wish to thank my co-claimant Mrs A who has taken this case on behalf of the many parents who are agonising over the confusion their children are going through. Finally, I wish to thank the judges, my legal team, my partner, and all those before me who have worked to bring this issue to light.

Thank You!

Keira Bell, 2nd December 2020

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  1. If the phrase ‘stunning and brave’ were ever appropriate, now is that time. Hold your head high, Kiera. You have a lot to be proud of x

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