Safe Schools Alliance support Fair Play for Women in seeking a judicial review of the decision by the Office for National Statistics to allow self-id on the sex question. We are incredibly concerned at these further examples of regulatory capture by Stonewall.
Accurate data collection is essential to the population.

Safe Schools Alliance believe the Census 2021 should record accurate data on the biological sex of the population, not legal sex or self-identified sex.
We question what useful data can be obtained from the ‘gender identity’ question. This question is just further evidence of institutional capture. ‘Gender identity’ has no definition in U.K. law and the way the question is phrased will result in no usable data to improve healthcare for people who identify as trans.

We are signatories of new campaign #SexInTheCensus which will list actions you can take to register your objections to the ONS failing in their duty to collect accurate data on the population.

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