The London mayoral election will be held on the 6th of May 2021.

There are five questions that we would like all the candidates to answer ‘Yes’ to. It should not be difficult for them to do that, given the recent revelations about rape culture in many of London’s public schools and the alarming levels of sexual assault and harassment of girls in secondary schools.

The recent High Court judgment on experimental medical treatment made it very clear that we have not been safeguarding our children adequately. Teenage girls who do not want to identify as girls should not be encouraged to surgically alter their bodies. We expect all candidates to want to tackle this.

1. Will you support local schools to uphold the rights of girls to safe, private, single-sex provision - including toilets, changing facilities and fair access to sport?
2. Will you tackle the alarming levels of misogyny and sexism in schools - particularly the rising number of sexual assaults against female pupils? 
3. Will you take steps to protect children from accessing online pornography and ensure that relationships and sex education emphasises the short and long-term harm of pornography for both girls and boys?
4. Do you agree that all interested parties (including groups representing women and children) must be consulted before the introduction of policies regarding gender identity? 
5. Do you commit to addressing public and professional concerns about the teaching of gender identity in schools - particularly the harmful notion that controversial medical interventions should be considered for children and teenagers who do not conform to gender stereotypes?

The list of London mayoral candidates who have put themselves forward so far is here: please ask them these questions!

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