We wholeheartedly support the petition to reform arrangements for issuing Government IDs such as passports and driving licenses – a person’s so called acquired gender should never be listed as their sex.


We agree that “Issuing men with identity documents saying they are women poses #safeguarding issues.” There are serious risks here for the safety of children and women’s rights and so we are supporting the efforts to help get this petition to the 10K signatures needed for the government to respond.

We have always been clear we in support of #RepealTheGRA as it is bad law and incompatible with effective #Safeguarding. When Tanya Carter was interviewed for @FutureGender project in 2020 she said “I object to you being able to change your legal sex.  From what I know of the Gender Recognition Act, I actually quite object to that.  I am quite horrified by it because from reading through Hansard and what I’ve read about it, a lot of it I find that it enshrined horribly regressive and homophobic stereotypes in law and why shouldn’t people have been allowed to have a civil partnership or a marriage or whatever with somebody same-sex at that point.”

Only this week we heard the horrific details of the abduction and serious sexual assault of an 11 year old girl by Andrew Miller. The judge was very clear that the fact Miller was dressed as a woman was an aggravating factor in his crime; the judge doubted the girl would have got into his car if Miller had presented as a man. If the move to enshrine Self ID into Scottish law had not been blocked by the UK Government, this dangerous convicted paedophile would have been entitled to be legally viewed as a woman in every sense. These are the dangers of Self ID we have been talking about for many years.

Being able to change your sex marker on legal documents puts women and children at risk as it creates a legal fiction and loopholes in which those who seek to harm others will exploit.

3 thoughts on “Petition: Do not allow people to have acquired gender listed as sex on Government ID

  1. In his substack James Esses very recently highlighted the unbelievably appalling offerings from Radio Leicester on gender identity. Please have a look at what he says and, hopefully, use your influence to spread the knowledge of these crimes to other interested parties, such as MPs (for example, Miriam Cates MP) newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, and so forth. One also needs to pinpoint those responsible for authorising the broadcast of such dangerous rubbish.

  2. I’m against legislation which allows any man to self ID making life for women and girls much more dangerous and frightening. Children need safeguarding. We have a great responsibility to them.

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