Safe Schools Alliance will be speaking at Inventing the Transgender Child, a new Sex Education? Conference in Central London on 27th October 2019. Please click here for tickets.

This one day conference, organised by the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, explores Relationship Education (primary school) and Sex and Relationship Education (secondary school) in England and Wales with regard to the protected characteristics of sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment. The conference will focus on the guidance, how the guidance may be interpreted, and how it can be potentially used to reinforce already established practices in schools which have been influenced by lobby organisations that promote the concept of ‘gender identity’ in schools.

The conference will be of interest to educationalists, policy makers, lawyers, teachers, parents, grandparents, politicians and anyone concerned to protect and safeguard children and young people.

At the moment, those who promote the teaching of ‘gender identity’ ideology in schools inaccurately claim this is mandated by the government guidance, and any objections to the content of Relationship Education and Sex and Relationship Education are framed by lobby organisations and the media as homophobic. The media largely ignore that many people are concerned about the science, politics and ethics of teaching ‘gender identity’ and of affirming ‘transgender identity’. Having attended the conference, you will have an understanding of the knowledge, ethical and political implications of substituting sex with the term ‘gender identity’.

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