On the 14th of June the supermarket Asda sent out an email to its customer distribution list announcing that it had partnered with the LGBT charity ‘Diversity Role Models’ to provide home learning packs for children. We have written to Asda to express our concerns about some of the contents of these packs:

Several parents contacted us to raise concerns over the primary school pack, which linked to a video about acceptance containing the phrase ‘love has no age’, and the associated worksheet which used the slogan ‘love has no age limit’.
Sadly this is a slogan which is also used by paedophiles. Children will understand and interpret these statements in the context of their experiences and there will be many children who hear similar statements from those who are grooming and abusing them.

The secondary pack linked to a list of book recommendations provided by Diversity Role Models, including a book called ‘Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out’, which contained a first person account of performing oral sex at age six, with no suggestion that there was anything wrong with this.

Transgender Trend have already raised concerns about the suitability of Diversity Role Models as an organisation to be providing any sort of educational resource here.

We are very concerned by the lack of safeguarding awareness demonstrated here, and question why a supermarket is involving itself in sending out Relationships and Sex Education resources on the basis that it makes uniforms.

We await a response from Asda UK.

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